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What is Crimmigration?

Crimmigration is a word used to describe two different areas of law that have been combined over the past several years. The first part being crim- meaning criminal and the second part being immigration which represents the world of immigration law. These two combines represent the combining of criminal and immigration law. These two areas of law are dense subjects all on their own but become even more complicated when put together. Over time laws have been changing in ways that makes it more difficult and challenging for immigrants who have been accused of crimes to seek justice and maintain the immigration status.

If a non-citizen is found guilty of an offense their status and future in the United States in immediately in jeopardy. Then add the criminal penalties on top of it. On the immigration side of things if a non-citizen is facing criminal charges it could lead to removal proceedings and deportation or it could endanger current and future immigration efforts they might have. Including citizenship and lawful permanent resident applications.

If you are in a Crimmigration situation, make sure you have the best team behind you on both the criminal and immigration side of things. Please give The Law Office of Travis Helm a call at 307-460-2032 so we can set up a consultation and help you through depths of crimmigration.

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