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Immigration Financing Options

The main reason individuals don’t hire an attorney for their immigration matters is the cost. Attorneys have more the knowledge and are constantly up to date on changing laws or information within the United States government with a focus on immigration. However, that knowledge doesn’t come to cheap to the attorney or the client. Here are few ways to help you or a loved one with the cost on of an immigration attorney.

Mission Asset Fund

This non-profit organization help immigrant families through financial recovery programs, and they also have grants options. To find out more about them click the link below:

Self-Help Federal Credit Union

This company is a federal credit union that focuses on helping people of color, women, rural resident, and low-wealth families and communities. They could assets individuals by providing information about what they personally could qualify for and what the rates would be to be able to afford a immigration attorney. To find out more please click the link below:

Justice for Me

This company works with attorneys and customers alike to set up estimates for the cost of one’s case and the payment plans if you were to move forward. Majority of the time lawyers already have this set up within their own business, but this is another resource that can help you through the costs of immigration attorneys. For more information click the link below:

The Law Office of Travis Helm

At the Law Office of Travis Helm, we understand that the costs of an attorney are expensive that is why we work with each of our clients and their specific situation. In general, we require 60% down to get started on your case then the remainder can be paid on a payment plan. We like to have the remainder paid before we send in an application however we understand each case is different therefore we are willing to work with you on these matters. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 307-460-2032.

The Law Office of Travis Helm, LLC 121 Grand Ave., Suite 212, Laramie, WY 82070 Phone: (307) 460-2032 Web:

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