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What to Expect When Studying for your U.S. Citizenship Test

When becoming a citizen of the United States there are different tests one has to pass, there is the civil test and the English language test. Each of these tests requires a different level of education and understanding of the English language. The citizenship test can either be written or oral and is required to achieve citizenship in a country. During this blog post, we will discuss what you may need to study for the said citizenship test and where you can find study materials.

There are currently two different versions of the United States Citizenship test, the 2008 version, and the 2020 version. It is extremely important that you know which one you will be taking. Based on the test you will be taking you can find corresponding study material on the USCIS website. This study material is going to cover the following: principles of American government, a system of government, rights and responsibilities, American history including the colonial period, the 1800s, and recent American history, and lastly symbols and holidays.

For the English portion of the citizenship test, there are three portions you have to pass. There are reading, writing, and speaking portions of the English test. USCIS does offer study materials for this portion of the test as well. They also have flashcards available for you to print with the word and then the definition.

The citizenship test can seem overwhelming however The Law Office of Travis Helm is here to help you throughout the process of applying for, studying for, and taking the exam. If you or someone you know needs help with your immigration case, please give our office a call today at 307-460-2032 or email us at

Resources discussed in this blog post:

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