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What to Bring to Your Immigration Consultation

The immigration process can be extremely overwhelming, and majority of people tend to talk to an immigration attorney before starting the process. The first discussion with an immigration attorney is generally called a consultation. This is where the potential client and the attorney sit down and discuss the case of the client. From there the attorney is able to provide what the best route for their case would be and the pricing for the case. It is important to bring certain paperwork with you if you intend on hiring an attorney to do the immigration process for you.

For your consultation we suggest the to bring the following therefore the office can get copies of it and put it in your file. We suggest bringing in your birth certificate, government issued ID showing nationality, if you are married bring in your marriage certificate, current and previous visas and permits, any refusal letters for visas or permit application and passports. This will give the attorney’s office something to start the process of application while you start gathering other information, they may have requested from you. Please keep in mind that this is a suggestion, but you do not have to bring all of these items in.

At The Law Office of Travis Helm we strive to make the process as easy as possible on our clients therefore when we first start working with you we send you what we call an intake form. This form has a list of the different documents we need from each individual and also questions we needed answered from certain individuals. Overall, the individuals in the office are here to help in anyway possible.

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