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What are the four types of immigration?

There are four different immigration statuses that one can have. Those four include citizens, residents, non-immigrant, and undocumented. Each of these areas is different from one another and each presents its own challenges.


Citizenship can be acquired in two ways, through birth within the United States or going through the Naturalization process. To be a citizen of the United States in the easiest way possible one just has to be born in the United States. However, if you were not born in the United States then you are not a citizen. If you wish to become a citizen, you have to go through the Naturalization process. There are numerous requirements, and it can be a lengthy process. We highly recommend that you reach out to an immigration attorney to make sure you qualify to naturalize.


Residents are also known as lawful permanent residents. Residents are individuals who have been granted the right to indefinitely live within the United States. Some people may refer to these individuals as Green Card Holders.

To become a lawful permanent resident there are lists of ways one can be eligible, we recommend reaching out to an immigration lawyer to see if you are able to apply for residence.


Non-immigrant individuals are people who have a nationality other than American, but they have been granted temporary permission to be in the United States for a specific reason. These reasons include but are not limited to, Athletes, Au Pair, Business visitors, Crew members, Exchange visitors, professors, religious workers, students, Tourism, and much more. Non-immigrant visas prove that the individuals have legal status within the United States while visiting the country.


Undocumented individuals are individuals that there is no record of them entering the country and they do not have the necessary paperwork to prove legal presence within the United States. However, there are still ways for undocumented individuals to become legal in the United States. The road can be complicated depending on their past therefore we suggest that they reach out to an immigration lawyer to see what path they should take.

Are you looking for a reputable immigration attorney?

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