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How to Support Individuals Going Through Immigration

The immigration process is a long and tedious road for anyone to start. When wanting to immigrate to the United States majority of individuals start by researching on their own what application they qualify for. Figuring out the application the individual fits into can become challenging. There are many “loopholes” that attorneys may know about that everyday individuals may not. It is one of the reasons individuals are encouraged to start by talking with an attorney. This blog post focuses on how to help individuals through the immigration process.

The number one step for anyone looking at the immigration process or helping someone through the process is to get informed. Make sure that you are up to date on recent news on immigration as there are updates posted daily.

Once you understand the process and what the immigration world looks like in the United States. Then it is important to speak up and speak out this can be talking to friends, family, members of your civic, and even religious groups. Start informing individuals about the immigration world. Share information that everyday citizens may not know about the process.

A big area that is super easy to spread knowledge of the immigration world is social media. Social media platforms sometimes get overlooked as they are part of our everyday routines therefore, posting to your page about something you strongly feel about sometimes is easy for some individuals while for others it completes slips their minds. Sharing on social media gets information out to individuals who may have not known or even looked it up. Overall helps spread the word about what is happening right under our noses.

You can also support the immigration world by volunteering to help individuals learn English. There are so many immigrants in the United States that do not know how to speak, write or understand English. Unfortunately, this is a big part of the process when it comes to naturalization, making volunteering to help individuals learn the language a massive help to the immigration world and individuals.

There are so many ways to help immigrants through the process that we can be doing every day. These are just a few areas to help you get started in supporting the immigration world. To find out more please contact our office at 307-460-2032 or

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