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Documents You May Need When Applying for an Adjustment of Status

During any immigration process, it can become overwhelming extremely quickly. One of the biggest on is an Adjustment of Status Application. This application requires several forms and even more evidence that goes with each of the forms. The following blog post reviews some of the major documents that an individual may have to send in with their application.

Marriage Certificate

This shows the proof of marriage if the adjustment of status is based on marriage.

Birth Certificate (Long Form)

No matter what country an individual is from USCIS request the long form of Birth Certificates. This shows the client’s name, parents’ information, place of birth, and birth


Social Security

If an individual was given social security for work authorization USCIS will need a copy. Also, if this adjustment of status is based on marriage, then the applicant will need to send in a copy of the petitioner’s social security card.


For both the petitioner and the applicant there must be a copy of the biographic page of their passport.


It is important to have copies of the visas used for the applicant to enter the United States.


This is the paperwork used to record all entrances and exits for the United States.

Tax Income Statements

For Adjustment of Status individuals, there has to be proof that individuals are not going to be a public charge.

Bank Statements

This supports and continues to show USCIS that the individual applying for adjustment of status won’t become a public charge.


When it comes to assets, this only has to be shown if the individuals don’t make enough money to be above the 150% mark the USCIS has set up. With these assets, it shows the USCIS that the couple has enough money to support themselves even if that means selling off some of their investments such as homes, cars, etc.

Divorce Decree

If the applicant or petitioner has ever been married before the current marriage, there has to be a divorce decree saying all the paperwork has been filed and signed. This way it shows that the individuals are not practicing polygamy.

Overall, there are a lot of items that go into immigration and USCIS processing. These are just a few examples of documents that may be required when it comes to adjusting status here in the United States. If you have a consultation with an attorney to discuss an adjustment of status we would recommend bringing along as many of these items as possible as it can help spend up the process.

The Law Office of Travis Helm is here to help you throughout the process of adjusting your status. If you or someone you know needs help with your immigration case, please give our office a call today at 307-460-2032 or email us at

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