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College Applications for Undocumented Students

Becoming a high school senior is a terrifying feat at that age, deciding to further your education, go into the work force, figuring out your next step in life. Now imagine being an undocumented student. Not only are all your friends talking about their future and making plans, but they have to worry about how they are applying for schools or jobs without documentation. This blog post is to help individuals understand how they may be able to get a higher education while being undocumented.

Did you know

When applying to schools/university there are no federal laws that requires proof of citizenship for admission. Additionally, application advisors, admissions department and financial aid counselors are not allowed by law to report undocumented student to USCIS. When filling out the applications you can skip social security questions.

Some colleges throughout the United States offer in state tuition rates to undocumented students. Many schools especially in California they maintain undocumented student programs that provide services, resources, and support.

Discussing your status

Many college applications require some sort of essay now it will be tempting to talk about the hardship of being undocumented but please make sure that you never misrepresent your immigration status. And make sure to think through the best way to explain your situation. Lastly use talk to your school counselor about the best way to discuss this matter if you really want to focus on it for your college essays.

Know your rights

You as a student are entitled to certain protections and opportunities on your path to an earning a degree. Therefore, you are protected from application advisors, admissions, and financial aid from reporting you to USCIS. It is against the law.

5 Tips for Undocumented Students

The following five tips are tips for you as an undocumented student to not lose sight of as many college applicants have the same tips and goals in mind.

Work hard and do well in high school

Take advanced placement or college prep class

Earn high scores on act or sat

Do volunteer work and extracurricular activities

Focus on positive

Overall, as an undocumented individual you can apply to universities and reach for your dreams of a higher education. There will be hurdles along the way, but it is not an impossible goal.

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