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Asylum Application

Asylum is a protection granted to foreign nationals already in the United States or arriving at the border who meet the international law definition of a refugee. Individuals who meet the definition of a refugee can apply for asylum within the United States. When applying for asylum there are two types one can apply for. They are affirmative or defensively. The difference between the two is affirmative means the individual has not been placed in deportation while defensive means they have been placed in deportation.

It is important to remember that you have to apply within a year of your most recent arrival in the United States. If you are seeking asylum, as soon as you have confirmed that you would like to proceed, we recommend you apply as soon as possible. Keep in mind the length of the processing time varies from case to case. The majority of individuals apply for asylum due to conditions in their country. To prove this, you need to make sure you are sharing department of state country reports, human rights watch, and even amnesty international. All three of these websites will help build the cause for your asylum. Once your case has been approved then you can apply for work authorization. You will be able to stay and work in the United States as an asylum applicant.

The Law Office of Travis Helm is here to help light the path out of the shadows and into a more stable and safer environment. Call us today at 307-460-2032 to see if you would be able to file an Asylum application today.

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