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90 Day Fiance

We have all heard of the show 90 Day Fiancé on TLC. However, did you know that the visa the couples apply for is called a K Visa? This visa is specifically for a fiancé of a U.S. Citizen and gives them the privilege of living in the United States for 90 days after they enter through the U.S. border. Within those same 90 days, they have to marry their partner.

First, individuals have to gather sufficient evidence of their relationship, photos with their fiancé, plane tickets, and travel plan to see their fiancé. You will also need affidavits of family, friends, and one from each fiancé to help build the case and tell the story of your relationship. Now, this is just the relationship side of the application.

Another part of the application process is financing. You have to make sure that you fit within the Federal Poverty Guidelines. These guidelines tell you how much you have to make to support individuals immigrating to the United States. This amount is determined by your most recent tax return and W-2. If you have received a new job since than it is important to get a letter from your employer stating what you do, how much you make, and how many hours you work as this will determine if you can support yourself and your finance.

After the application has been submitted both you and your fiancé will have to go through the interview process. To prepare for the interview it is important to make sure you know your fiancés past. This includes previous marriages, nationality, work status, history of travel to the United States, criminal history, hobbies, eye color, age, residence, and background. It may seem like a lot but, in any relationship, these are items that should be discussed beforehand anyway. Now do keep in mind that you and your fiancé need to monitor your social media output as anything you put on the web is fair game. Your social media presence may also be used by DHS to determine whether your relationship is an authentic one.

Next, it is important to stay flexible with wedding planning. As stated, before once your fiancé enters the U.S. borders you have exactly 90 days to get married which is not a very long time. The majority of the time people with have a small wedding or elope than have a bigger wedding at a later date therefore, they can meet the K Visa requirements within a short window.

If you or someone you know is looking at applying for a K Visa, give our office a call today at 307-460-2032.

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